ardour moving to gtk2

i thought it might warm the hearts of a few people here (hi murray) that
the ardour(*) development team has finally made the move to the port
from gtk1 to gtk2 (using gtkmm). we don't know how long it will take
(**), but i'll be sure to give a heads up as we get there or face deep
issues (not anticipated). we are targetting GTK+ 2.6 at this time, via
gtkmm 2.6. our understanding is that the result will be binary and
source compatible with v2.8.



(**) we use a C "back port" of the GnomeCanvas, plus lots of hacks
     to work around problems with GTK+ v1, most of which we hope
     to see evaporate with GTK+ v2. we also have many, many instances
     of CTree and CList widgets that have be ported to TreeViews,
     which given our existing MVC programming design, is at once
     both simple and complex.

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