Re: making menuitems insensitive by app context

I'm sorry Rob; I don't use libglademm, so I cannot help you there.

Bob Caryl

Rob Benton wrote:

Bob Caryl wrote:

Rob Benton wrote:

I'm looking for a way, maybe a signal, to make my menuitems sensitive/insensitive based on the state of my program. Using gnome-terminal as an example, something like:


only being sensitive when you have text highlighted.

Is there some way I can capture the click/button_press of the Gtk::Menu?
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If you are using a Gtk::ActionGroup widget to set up your menu you can, upon detecting a condition within your application that requires a particular menu item to be insensitive, use Gtk::ActionGroup::get_action to obtain a Glib::RefPtr<Action> to the menu item you wish to set to insensitive. Once that pointer is obtained use Gtk::Action::set_sensitive to set its sensitivity state.

Bob Caryl

Hmm. Unless I'm overlooking something it doesn't look like there's a way to do this through libglademm. I guess I'll just have to choose 1 way or the other.

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