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Murray Cumming wrote:

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 18:04 +0200, Java wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use Anjuta to build som c++/gtkmm application.

Unfortunately the build files created by Anjuta (version 1, at least)
are awful. Plus they encourage you to use generated code, which almost
nobody actually uses. Anjuta is probably fine as a code editor.

At the moment, I don't have a better recommendation than learning to use
autoconf and automake directly.

I have a better recommendation:

Use scons.

The only system requiremet is python > 1.5.2 which if I recall was RH7.2 which means you're version is probably fine unless you're running some historic version of linux.

Two files control can control an entire application build. If anyone wants examples I would be more than happy to provide some.


When I'll start compiling by command line (it's correct to say "by hand"?) everithing's fine.

The problem is when building the graphic interface with glade. It allways return me this error:

Error running glade-- to generate the C++ source code.
Check that you have glade-- installed and that it is in your PATH.
Then try running 'glade-- <>' in a terminal.

I've tryed, but I haven't glade-- installed. And I don't find anyway of doing this on my ubuntu. It seems there isn't a package or repository with glade--.

Any of you know what can I do?

thanx by now
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