Re: statusbar components don't remain attached to the left corner of the window

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You do a crazy thing! In statusbar you just can pop or push a string. What you want is not it.
 On gtk-app-list I post it, maybe help you:
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Claudio Polegato Junior wrote:

If you open de Glade, new window, add a vbox with 2 parts, on superior part add a textview widget and on inferior part add a hbox with 3 parts. On this hbox, add one viewport, click the right button on this viewport, viewport1, select, CTRL+X, click with the left mouse button on scrollbars and then DEL. Click on each part of the hbox and CTRL+V. Now you have something like Firefox style. The viewport add the shadow efect/property. On one of this viewports, you can insert/add a progressbar.

Thank you, Claudio, really many many thanks ! It's exactly what I was looking for !

Looking for in the sources, I found that instead of a viewport it is used a frame. This frame has no label, maybe functions better or overloads little, but the final efect is the same.



Claudio Polegato Junior

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