Re: Differences in Window object gtkmm-2.0 vs. gtkmm-2.4

    Hey!  That did the trick.  Thanks!  Didn't even know that was there.


On Wed, July 20, 2005 13:10, Marco Scholten said:
> On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 10:03 -0400, erik_ohrnberger dme net wrote:
>> I apologize in advance for the picture attachments, but it seemed the
>> best
>> way to show the issue that I'm struggling with.
>> Background:
>>     I've ported my application from gtkmm-2.0 to gtkmm-2.4, including
>> the
>> required sigc-1.2 to sigc-2.0 migration as well.  I can provide more
>> background information on what's needed if anyone asks me.
>>     The code is now all compiling and linking correctly, and I'm going
>> through and testing it to make sure that everything is working
>> correctly.
>> The Issue:
>>     I have a pop up window that contains nothing more than a toolbar
>> that
>> has some icon buttons in it.  When using gtkmm-2.0, the UI that would
>> display is show in the 2.0-popup.gif file.
>>     When I ported this code over to gtkmm-2.4, I changed the buttons to
>> toolbuttons.  But when the popup window was shown, it looked like
>> PopupWindow.gif.  I changed the Window style to Gtk::MAINWINDOW try and
>> see
>> what's going on, and when I manually resized the window, I got
>> MainWindow.gif.
>>     I'm unsure as to how to proceed, which method to apply to the window
>> to
>> get something like the gtkmm-2.0 implementation back under gtkmm-2.4.
>>     Does anyone have any hints?
> Try setting property_show_arrow() to false on the toolbar, this will
> prevent the window from shrinking to a size smaller than the toolbar.
> --
> Marco
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