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I would suggest something like:

class A
  void abcd() {

  void onefunction() {

OR if your method has the prototype void abcd(int a);

&A::abcd), intToPass));

Hope this helps


--- Andrew Krause <andrew openldev org> wrote:

> I have a c++ class that contains Gtk+ widgets. They
> work perfectly
> fine except for one thing. When I try to connect a
> signal to them,
> they throw an error saying that the function that it
> is connected
> to should be formatted: "void (*) ()" instead of:
> "void (MyClass) ()".
> How can I get around this? Is there a way without
> requiring all
> of my functions to receive the class data and not be
> a part of
> the class?
> ---
> Andrew Krause
> andrew openldev org
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