Re: wrapping gtksourceview

Sounds like you are trying to wrap it into a gtkmm widget.
If so, I already have a working implementation of it that I'm using
for a personal project.

Paolo understandably didn't want to maintain it as part of
gtksourceview and he recommended I release it as gtksourceviewmm or
the like... However, I've just been too lazy to write the docs and set
up a web page for it. I haven't seen enough of a demand for it either
:-/ If you (or anyone) would like collaborate please send me a

In answer to your first question, you can just #include
<gtkmm/private/textview_p.h> in sourceview_p.h (or whatever you named
it).  I don't really understand your second question..


On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 21:50:28 +0000, rob page <page rob gmail com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm writing a wrapper for gtksourceview, and I'm coming up against a
> bit of a problem.
> gtksourceview inherits from gtktextview. and in the private part of
> the wrapper CppClassParent gets typedeffed to TextView_Class,
> unfortunately, this is only defined in the gtkmm source and so i'm
> being left with an incomplete type.
> When I've copied in the private files for TextView, Container, Widget
> and Object I end up with an undefined reference to sourceview_class_ ,
> which I can't seem to resolve. However even if i could i'd rather not
> have to include all of that code.
> Anyway, thanks for any help or ideas
> Rob.
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