Re: gtkmm in DevHelp

Hey Micah:

First off, I assume that there is no reference or mention to gtkmm
whatsoever in devhelp, rather than error dialogs stating that it cannot
find gtkmm-2.4 doc files.

Now, look in


and see if there is a subdirectory for gtkmm-2.4.  If it's not there,
that is one reason you're not seeing gtkmm. 

I had the opposite problem: devhelp looking for gtkmm-2.0 docs. 
Unfortunately, I did not have gtkmm-2.0 installed, so I had to deal with
an error dialog telling me so each time I searched for a class or method
that was present in gtkmm-2.0 and gtkmm-2.4.  I went into the gtkmm-2.0
subdirectory of the aforementioned directory and renamed the xml file I
found there...   problem solved.

Beyond that I cannot help you.


Micah Carrick wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have gtkmm installed from RPM on Fedora Core 3.  Why does gtkmm not
> show up in devhelp?
> (what I have installed from RPM)
> devhelp-devel-0.10-1.4.2
> devhelp-0.10-1.4.2
> gtkmm24-2.6.2-2
> gtkmm24-devel-2.6.2-2
> gtkmm24-docs-2.6.2-2
> Thanks,
> Micah
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