Re: Gtk::RadioButton??!!

Thanks Bob and Alex!
That did it, yesss!!
Bob Caryl escribió:

The primary thing you seem to be missing in your code is a
Gtk::RadioButtonGroup that is required when you create your radio buttons. See docs:


Jamiil wrote:

The thinng is that I am doing that, but the window is still displayed
with all the radio buttons turned on.

What am I doing wrong!!?

GTKmm = 2.4.x
class MyClass : virutual public Gtk::Frame{
Gtk::RadioButton* rbMr;
 Gtk::RadioButton* rbMiss;
 Gtk::RadioButton* rbMss;
 Gtk::RadioButton* rbNone;
 Gtk::HBox* hboxGender;
 Gtk::VBox* vbox2_2;
 rbMr            = manage(new Gtk::RadioButton("Mr"));
 rbMiss          = manage(new Gtk::RadioButton("Mrs"));
 rbMss           = manage(new Gtk::RadioButton("Ms"));
 rbNone        = manage(new Gtk::RadioButton("None"));
 hboxGender    = manage(new Gtk::HBox());
 vbox2_2       = manage(new Gtk::VBox());

  hboxGender->pack_start(*rbMr,    Gtk::PACK_SHRINK,5);
  hboxGender->pack_start(*rbMiss,  Gtk::PACK_SHRINK,5);
  hboxGender->pack_start(*rbMss,   Gtk::PACK_SHRINK,5);
  hboxGender->pack_start(*rbNone,  Gtk::PACK_SHRINK,5);
  vbox2_2->pack_start(*hboxGender, Gtk::PACK_EXPAND_WIDGET);

Thanks in advance!!
Bob Caryl escribió:

Use the Gtk::RadioButton::set_active method with a TRUE parameter to
display selected, and a FALSE parameter to display it unselected.

Jamiil wrote:

Hi folks!
I have a few Gtk::RadioButton in my application which when displayed
are active, but I want'em to displayed inactive. How can I make this
radio buttons first display unselected and then, when the user makes
the selection, appear selected.


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