Re: Installing stable and development versions of gtkmm

> I'm currently running Ubuntu Breezy with gtkmm 2.8 and I just do all
> my development against this version.  Lately I've become interested in
> playing around with some of the new Cairo stuff in gtkmm HEAD.  I'd
> rather keep my Ubuntu gtkmm package if possible, so It'd be nice to be
> able to install gtkmm CVS in parallel with the official package
> somehow.  Does anybody else do something like this?  Is it easy to do?
> My first thought was to build gtkmm from CVS using jhbuild.  Is this
> the best way to do it?


>  Are there any basic instructions on how to
> link with the correct version once it's installed?

Use "jhbuild shell". Then your terminal session has all the correct settings.

>  Any issues to
> watch out for?  Is cairomm added to the jhbuild moduleset yet?

Ah, I'll do that now.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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