IconView customization

So I am trying to push the new Gtk::Iconview to its limits.

I'm trying to adapt it to a format I'm refering to as "Sidecon" - an
example is here: http://darimasen.berlios.de/0.0.7/darimasen_0_0_7.png -
this was done with two levels of tables. The Iconview was made the
side-scroll only much easier, and with some work I was able to get the
three lines of text.

Mostly three lines of text - it wraps too soon, sometimes leading to
seven, which throws off the layout. I can expand the width of all the
icons, and if I get it big enough, all the lines fit. But I wase a lot of
room that way - its like a large Homogenous table.

HOw could I:

1. set the iconview's columns so they aren't homogenous?

2. Is there a way to test how wide the icon labels would be if they remain


By the way, current code is at

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