Re: Displaying simple HTML in gtkmm app (got it!)

On Thursday 21 April 2005 12:11, Murray Cumming wrote:
> You should use gmmproc, like the existing *mm projects. But I think
> gtkmozembedmm is a more sensible way to embed HTML. People are trying to
> move from gtkhtml to gecko.
Except as I read it, mozembed is gpl not lgpl, also it's much bigger since 
it's a whole browser.   Originally I thought gtkhtml offered a simple way to 
display html help and reports, but it now does not seem so and now I'm 
thinking the optimum way is to shell out to user's native browser.  Then they 
are always working in what they are used to and we have the full use of CSS, 
SVG, etc.  But that I guess is OS and window manager specific, maybe quite 

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