SV: spawn.h compile errors

> My errors are
> C:\GTK\include\glibmm-2.4\glibmm\spawn.h(107) : error C2143: syntax
> : missing '}' before 'constant'

I have gone through the following steps to resolve my problems:
I found that I had a '#define READ 1' in an included headerfile. The
interacted poorly with spawn.h and I rename the constant.

Having progressed, I now have new errors. This time it is pangomm.
C:\GTK\include\pangomm-1.4\pangomm\coverage.h(143) : warning C4003: not
enough actual parameters for macro 'max'
C:\GTK\include\pangomm-1.4\pangomm\coverage.h(143) : error C2226: syntax
error : unexpected type 'Glib::RefPtr<T_CppObject>'

	#define NOMINMAX 
	#include <windows.h>
to disable the max-macro in windows.h
After which it compiled, leaving only a huge amount of C4250 inheritance
via dominance warnings. I have disabled this specific warning, since
there ware so many of them. Is it a warning I can eliminate?

I succesfully compiled and linked the program only to get a runtime
error regarding '__non_rtti_object'. This I solved using the switch
'Enable run.time type info: yes(/GR)' in the project properties.

My program now compiles, links and runs fine. 

Last problem (hopefully): 
When I shutdown the prgram using the X on the window I get

Unhandled exception at 0x77f75a58 in Dataserver.exe: User breakpoint


Morten Bo Nielsen

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