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Hi All!

I want to render local HTML pages in the form of online help for my Gtkmm 
application.  I've googled around and found that the most suitable means
for accomplishing this would appear to be the gtkhtml library.

Now I'm thinking that I could create a wrapper class that sub-classes from
Gtk::ScrolledWindow and put a gtkhtml widget inside of it, providing the
starting point for the user navigation.

The only question that I have is: Is there some sort of example as to how
to create a Gtk based widget, wrap it in Gtkmm and add it to a Gtkmm
container widget?

I'm at a bit of a loss as I've always stayed at the Gtkmm level for
creating this application, and don't know a single thing about Gtk or

If this is the wrong path to go down, please point me in the right

Many thanks in advance,

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