Re: Gtk::HPaned size and divider

Vladislav Grinchenko wrote:
On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 17:47, Matthias Kaeppler wrote:


I want to set the position of the divider in a pane to always be centered. So I tried the obvious:

pane.set_position( pane.get_width() / 2 );

Problem is, get_width() always returns 1.
I also tried to resize the pane with set_size_request() but that didn't have any effect.

Am I missing something?

pane.signal_value_changed ().connect (
             mem_fun (*foobar, &FooBar::geom_changed_cb));

void FooBar::geom_change_cb ()
 	pane.set_position( pane.get_width() / 2 );

I also can't find a signal called value_changed. You sure that's its name?

Matthias Kaeppler

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