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Ole Laursen wrote:
Matthias Kaeppler <nospam digitalraid com> writes:

what's the point of the different namespaces? What's e.g. the
difference between the Gdk and Gtk namespaces? And what is Glib?

Gdk is from the C library GDK, the drawing kit that GTK+ is using to
draw its widgets with (e.g. drawing lines and rectangles). It has a
lot of other low-level graphics and input stuff too. It is basically a
wrapper around the native graphical platform, as far as I know.

Gtk is from the C library GTK+, a widget set. Glib is a C library with
commonly needed basic functionality, e.g. linked lists, hash tables,
unicode strings, etc. If glib had been part of libc, I don't think C
itself would be such a horrible environment to work with. :-)

Look here for more info:

Gtkmm is wrapping each of the libraries separately, that's why there
is a difference in namespace. GDK and GTK+ are very closely related
and bundled together.

Thanks a lot, Ole.

Matthias Kaeppler

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