Re: Signal handling

"Diego Fdez." Dur�<diego <at>> writes:
> Try:
> m_TreeView.get_column(0)->signal_clicked().connect(bind<int>
> (sigc::mem_fun(*this, &ExampleWindow::column_clicked)));
> I think that the example you are trying to compile is for a previous
> version of gtkmm that the libraries you are using. Use upgraded
> examples :)

Thank you for a quick answer.

(sigc::mem_fun(*this, &ExampleWindow::column_clicked),0 ));

did compile, however when I click on column (row), I do not get any output.

I am calling something simple like:

void ExampleWindow::column_clicked(int column)
        std::cout << "just something" << std::endl;

I am pretty noob, but could you tell me where could I get definitions of
singal_clicked() ... ?



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