glade autogen


I'm new to glade an I'm trying to make a simple
project using c++(gtkmm).  I was able to build it in
glade but I'm getting errors when running 
Here are the errors:

GNU Make 3.80 found
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59 found
automake (GNU automake) 1.9.2 found
This script runs configure and make...
You did remember necessary arguments for configure,
/usr/bin/gettextize: line 252: cd: /usr/share/gettext:
No such file or directorygettextize: *** gettext
source directory '/usr/share/gettext' doesn't exist
gettextize: *** Stop.
cp: cannot stat `po/Makevars.template': No such file
or directory

I guess it needs the source code of gettext.  I
searched for a source rpm for gettext and found this:

I installed it with 'rpm -ivh gettext...'.  But after
install, I still don't a /usr/share/gettext folder. 
Did I install in incorrectly?  Is there a difference
between *.src.rpm and *.srpm?

Running of my glade project still yeilds
the same error.  


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