Re: ScrolledWindow without Scrollbars

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 19:34 -0400, Andrew Krause wrote:
> I have a Gtk::Label that is a very long string in the vertical 
> direction. I want it to scroll down as the user scrolls a different 
> window. I can do this in a ScrolledWindow with a vertical policy of 
> Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC, but when I set it to Gtk::POLICY_NEVER, the 
> window is automatically resized to the label, which is many times the 
> height of my screen.
> Is there a way to have the scrolling functionalities that I need while 
> being able to hide the scrollbars? Thanks - Andrew

I needed the same thing for a program I'm working on. I solved it by
subclassing ScrolledWindow and overriding on_size_request() - see

There are a few bugs, for example the child doesn't seem to draw
anything outside the initially visible area until after you resize the
ScrolledWindow for the first time, but it might be a good starting

If you find a way to do it without this bug, please let me know.

Lars Luthman
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