Re: Theme engine problem

the qtpixmap is the Qt equivalent of Gtk pixbuf - this would likely be a 
problem with your KDE themes - it might also be symptomatic of other missing 
theme related libs that are causing problems with Mozilla, etc.  I don't know 
what distro you are running but they handle these things separately - ie RH 
defaults to the Blue Curve, depending upon which flavor Debian - some theme 
libraries may be required.  Have you tried to change your themes to see if 
others work ?

On Friday 01 April 2005 11:46, Bob Caryl wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently had a hardware failure and had to reload my linux system.
> Since doing so, I have been getting the following stdout output from the
> applications:
> Unable to locate theme engine in module-path:  "qtpixmap"
> This has been accompanied by significant differences in the look and
> feel of my applications since the reload.
> Can anyone tell me where to look for this problem?  I am pretty sure
> that it is not related to my programming since standard applications
> like Firefox and Thunderbird are also exhibiting similar changes to
> their looks and feel as well.
> Thanks,
> Bob Caryl
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