Re: [gtkmm] project an interface

pallucchini roberto <r palluk virgilio it> writes:

> ok, i understand... is more simply than what i do.
> But i want make with glade the window in two part, the first is
> mainWindow where i have a menubar and the space for some forms (a
> scrolled-window i mean) next i want make the forms, with glade too, that
> will called by menu. When i start to make a new form i need to start
> from a gtkWindow! next, i can add this form to the space created into
> main_window? 
> this is a very simply way to build and modify this forms without touch
> the source code, i want try to use only .glade files for the ui.
Excuse me, I've misunderstood you. So you create that for in the GtkWindow
in glade, then you get the form (its container) from the glade

xml = Gnome::Glade::Xml::create("");
Gtk::Widget* form = xml->get_widget("form_container");

Than reparent the form to the main form container it will be placed in

// and optionally

I hope this will help.

WBR, Max Vasin.
        JID: maxvasin jabber ru
        ICQ: 276438891

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