Re: [gtkmm] gtkmm-2.4 DLLs + Demo + Examples on MSVC

m h wrote:
Actually, the libsigc++ 2.0.6 i downloaded didn't have
the RTTI set.  but rebuilding with this option didn't
it seems there is an exception being raised on the
window->show() call, most likely due to the
reinterpret cast.  any idea on how to know what type
to put in the catch(...) so i can determine the exact

this all works fine if i don't include additional
members in my class.  i have a derived class from a
base class that inherits from Gtk::Window.

class X : public Gtk::Window {
//creates window

class Y : public Y {
//int x;  // only works with this line commented


any additional thoughts?

Doh! The machine I've been working on is firewalled, so I must've made this change and forgotten about it, without CVS to guide me ;)

I've been trying to reduce my error to a minimal test case without much success, so I'll take this example and run with it - can you send me the entire source?


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