Re: [gtkmm] Error in compliing gtkmm program using GCC 3.4.2

Murray Cumming wrote:

The error is due he is looking for gtkmm-2.0 but you have gtkmm-2.4.x

The regexxer build would stop during the configure stage if the required
version of gtkmm was not present.

installed so you have to change in your projectdir in all the
'configure*' files 'gtkmm-2.0' into 'gtkmm-2.4'.
If your using anjuta ide its the fault of anjuta's templates. But I
can't find where I can change those templates.

No, you don't need to change regexxer's build files to build regexxer.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

Strange everytime I make a new prj I have to alter those files else it won't configure/compile. What do you think its the fault then. Yeah I see there are some casting troubs, but isn't that the fault he is looking for 'gtkmm-2.0' and don't find it?
Just my $ 0.2 cents.

Grtz Bart

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