Re: Deriving from Gtk::ListStore

> On Thursday 25 November 2004 23:04, Murray Cumming wrote:
>> These vague assertions are useless to us. You need to ask specific
>> questions and/or mention specific lack of documentation in bugzilla:
> Okay. First time posting here :)
>> I think you might be exagerating. Do you have a specific example and a
>> way to improve it?
> Yes, document what their purpose is.
> [from the Gtk::TreeSelection reference]
> typedef sigc::slot< void,
> const TreeModel::Path&,
> const TreeModel::iterator& >  SlotForeachPathAndIter

>   For example, void on_foreach(const Gtk::TreeModel::Path& path, const
> Gtk::TreeModel::iterator& iter);.

I always thought that sigc::slot was a very basic thing that people should
know about, but I guess it's not so easy since we changed the slot creator
function from SigC::slot() to sigc::mem_fun() in gtkmm 2.4.

And I hoped that the "For example, " parts would make it more obvious.

But I am happy to add more text there and in the book's "basics" section..
Please put a suggestion in bugzilla.

> This description is not really helpful. It doesn't explain what the type
> is
> used for and especially how it is used.
>> All classes that derive from Glib::Object must have protected
>> constructors but must have public create() methods that use those
>> constructors. That is true for your own classes as well as the gtkmm
>> classes.
> Ah, so I merely have to provide a create function which returns a RefPtr
> to a
> newly allocated MyModel? But how is the memory managed? Does the base
> class
> ctor make sure my object is created in this managed storage pool?

It's a RefPtr:

So your object is refcounted, and your constructor will be called when
there are no more RefPtrs to your object. It does not need to be put into
any pool - you just need to put it in the RefPtr. Again, I welcome any
suggestions for improvement to that documentation, in bugzilla.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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