Re: TreeView::append_column_numeric() format?

pks timing com writes:
 >   append_column_numeric(modelcolumn, Gtk::FixedDecimals(3));
 >   append_column_numeric(modelcolumn, User::DerivedFormat(anything, they_need, to_format));

both Gtk::FixedDecimals and User::DerivedFormat would override a virtual
function or, if templated (could provide formatting functor for any old
type) operator() as one would for stl algorithms ...

something like


  FixedDecimals(gint numdecimals) : m_NumDecimals {}

  Glib::ustring operator()(const float &src)
      // use m_NumDecimals with snprintf or std::ostringstream
      // or whatever strikes your fancy to get the ustring out ...


  int m_NumDecimals;


   Glib::ustring operator()(const Glib::ustring &src)
     Glib::ustring result;
     for (int i = src.size()-1; i >= 0; i--)
        result += src[i];
     return result;

append_column(float_column, FixedDecimals(3));
append_column(string_column, StringReverse());

under the hood use the set_cell_data_func() to use call back the
conversion operator on the formatting object ... 

I'll quit spamming the list now :)


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