Re: TreeView::append_column_numeric() format?

Murray Cumming writes:
 > At the moment, Gtk::TreeView::append_column() can add numeric columns, but
 > there is no way to specify how the number will be shown, such as how many
 > decimal points or leading zeroes. So people have to use
 > set_cell_data_func() and do the formatting in a callback.
 > So I would like to add another templated convenience method like this:
 > Gtk::TreeView::append_column_numeric(TreeModelColumn& model, numeric_format);

Just a thought ... 

Maybe append_column_numeric() could just use the set_cell_data_func() with
some kind of functor, of which gtkmm could provide a couple ... something
on the order of:

use could read something on the order of:

  append_column_numeric(modelcolumn, Gtk::FixedDecimals(3));

for three significant digits and

  append_column_numeric(modelcolumn, User::DerivedFormat(anything, they_need, to_format));

I haven't looked at or used any of it ... just spouting out what
first comes to mind when reading your description and question ...

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