Re: [sigc] Signals & Slots

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 04:38, Foster, Gareth wrote:
> I think if you just follow through the different typical tasks you might
> undertake with the two libraries as Murray wrote:
> "
> 1. Create a signal
> 2. Connect a slot (callback function) to a signal.
>   2.2 For a member method.
>   2.3 For a non-member or static function.
> 3. Disconnect a slot.
> 4. Bind an extra parameter, so that e.g. a slot with 4 parameters can be
> used with a signal with 3 parameters. I don't personally find the more
> complex adaptors interesting.
> "
> Then write up a document where, in each case, the code needed for both
> libraries is given, and then I small discusion about any differences or
> similarities. Perhaps in each case, giving some approximate figure to
> indicate the similarity would be useful.

I have most of this done already.  Just got too tired last night to
finish it off.  Need to finish up the slot and binders comparisons and
do some formatting, then it'll be ready to post for comments.


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