Gtk::Layout doesn't receive signals

i've a class which inherits from Gtk::Window (without overriding anything) and in this Window i've a Gtk::ScrolledWindow and in my ScrolledWindow lies a class which inherits from Gtk::Layout. While i perfectly straightforward can react to expose and button press events for my custom Gtk::Layout, by overriding on_expose_event and on_button_press_event, i'm not able to to this for key press events or scroll events. Allthough i could now start to use my own signals and signal handlers, becuase at least my (main window) / (scrolled window) receives the signals i'm talking about, i think there must be a more elegant way. so, can somebody tell my how to make gtkmm also call on_scroll_event and on_key_press_event for my Layout ? maybe i should note that i've allready experimented a bit with set_events and add_events, but without succes.


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