Re: signal_move_cursor gone in 2.4

> Can I ask the gurus on this list a about a signal that was removed when
> moving from 2.0/2 to 2.4?
> There is a textview, and the verse number is updates using a signal that
> is given when the cursor moves in the view.
> In 2.0 and 2.2 this code works:
> textview.signal_move_cursor().connect
>   (SigC::slot(*this, &MainWindow::on_cursor_moved));
> void MainWindow::on_cursor_moved
> (Gtk::MovementStep step, int count, bool extended_selection);
> In 2.4 signal_move_cursor is no longer there.

This signal was probably a "key-binding" or "action" signal that should be
used only by accessibility tools. You weren't meant to use it, and that's
why it was removed in gtkmm 2.4.

Also, it was probably completely undocumented, so it would be difficult
for you to say whether it worked without knowing what it should do.

> Which new signal has the
> same function? And what is the prototype of the function it calls?

It would be better for you to say what you are trying to do, and maybe
someone can suggest a way to do it.

Maybe you want to respond to every move of the cursor in a textview. I
don't know whether that is possible.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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