Re: Gtk::DrawingArea

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 14:50, Ian Strascina wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to capture a click inside a Gtk::DrawingArea to create a 
> simple "painting" app (by drawing a pixel and the clicked location)... 
> Since they DrawingArea itself does not have any specific signals, I 
> attempted to use both the 'signal_event()' and 
> 'signal_button_press_event()' signals (w/in Gtk::Widget) without 
> success...  I've been looking at the documentation for the last hour 
> and can't find any other possibilities...  Does anyone know how to do 
> this...???  Am I missing something really simple...???

    Gtk::DrawingArea* _widg;
    _widg->add_events(Gdk::EXPOSURE_MASK | 
                      Gdk::BUTTON_PRESS_MASK |
                      Gdk::BUTTON_RELEASE_MASK |
                      Gdk::BUTTON_MOTION_MASK |

There are other flags as well.

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