Re: gtkmm-2.4/MSVC in CVS

Hi Timothy,

Timothy M. Shead wrote:
... works fine, except for our One Big Ongoing Problem. I've submitted a patch to get the remaining demos to build, nothing fancy was required.

Interestingly, I had just commited the same changes to CVS ! Sorry for the duplicate work. The only difference is the get_value for the slot in I use "const type_slotDo& slot = row[columns.slot];" while you prefer "type_slotDo slot = row.get_value(columns.slot);". Both work of course but I was wondering which one was intrinsically better ?

Amusingly, I can confirm that the RTTI problem persists whether using GTK+ build with MinGW or MSVC.

Same here. It's too bad because apart from this RTTI bug, gtkmm works very well with Visual Studio.

I haven't had any luck creating a "C++ only" test case yet, will continue to plug away on it.

I strongly believe there must somewhere in the gtkmm code a dynamic_cast to a derived class that has not been fully created yet (as you pointed out in your MSDN link).

Murray, maybe you'll have some time this week-end to build glibmm/gtkmm with Visual Studio ?


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