Re: gtkmm2.4 and MSVC (again)

In the meantime, please make sure that any extra project file changes are
in our CVS, so that we are starting at the same point. I have access to
MSVC++ .Net 2003, so I might take a look if your own efforts don't reach a

Unless I've got the wrong branch, the MSVC files aren't in gtkmm CVS yet, are they?

They should be now. If you're using the anonymous CVS server, please wait a few hours

I basically imported your gtkmm projects file with some minor changes. I also updated the glibmm projects files (please cvs update both the 2-4 branches of gtkmm and glibmm !)

1. The glibmm DLL is compile with GLIBMM_BUILD defined, gtkmm with GTKMM_BUILD defined -> no more dllexport/dllimport warnings. See the glibmmconfig.h and gtkmmconfig.h files for details. 2. To build glibmm, add GTK+ and libsigc++ to the include and lib paths in Visual Studio. To build gtkmm, You should also add the relevant glibmm directories. 3. The glibmm examples compile/run out of the box. For the gtkmm examples/demos, I still have to commit a few minor changes.
4. I added a some missing files to EXTRA_DIST in some glibmm Makefile.ams.

Please report any problem.


P.S.: for the impatient developer, here is a snapshot of glibmm with the latest changes

The corresponding gtkmm snapshot will follow shortly.

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