Re: How to popup a window when click a button on gtkmm?

ons 2004-11-03 klockan 09:09 +0100 skrev juanfran ugenawireless org es:
> void MainWindow::button_clicked()
> {
> 	 Gtk::Window popupwindow.
> 	 popupwindow.set_size_request(800,600);
> 	 show_all_children();
> }

There are two major errors in this code.

1. You can't declare popupwindow as a local variable, because it will be
destroyed as soon as you leave button_clicked. You have do use dynamic
allocation, or make it a global variable or a member of a class.

2. popupwindow is not a child of MainWindow, so you will have to do
popupwindow.show_all() instead.

Fredrik Arnerup <e97_far e kth se>

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