Re: [Libsigcx-main] Re: [gtkmm] libsigcx and gtkmm 2.4

Martin Schulze <martin-ml hippogriff de> writes:

> Am 2004.05.30 14:21 schrieb(en) Christer Palm:
>> Hi!
>> I'm (finally) moving over to gtkmm 2.4, but I can't find a libSigCX
>> package to match sigc++-2.0 used in 2.4. It appears that it only
>> supports sigc++-1.2.
> That's right. I think libSigCX is being maintained by Andreas Rottmann.
> I didn't hear of any plans to port it to sigc++-2.0
Right, I've mostly stalled development of libsigcx, but with a helping
hand, I might invest a bit of effort to make it work on sigc++ 2.0. (I
mainly waited to see if there would be any demand at all :).

>> I tried to simply tweak to make it build against the
>> sigc++-2.0 package, but it doesn't compile, unfortunately.
> libSigCX depends on internal structures of sigc++-1.2. Since sigc++-2.0
> has been written from scratch the internal structure is completely
> different.
>> Does anyone have any updates on the status of libSigCX or otherwise
>> have any experience that could help me out?
> Which classes from libSigCX do you need? At some time I had some
> random thoughts about libSigCX & sigc++-2.0 - Some things should be
> much easier to implement with the new API.
I've thought about moving the sigcx functionality into Yehia[0] when
switching to sigc++ 2.0.


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