Re: [gtkmm] Where should gtkmm stuff reside?

Igor Gorbounov wrote:
I've tried a Matthew Hall's gtkmm-2.4.0-1.rpm. It places
gtkmm headers in a /usr/include/gtkmm-2.4 directory.
Is it correct (gtk+-2.4 uses /usr.include/gtk-2.0)?
    Igor Gorbounov
Well, it could install headers and libs in ANY directory, if it is correctly defined in gtkmm-2.4.pc (pkg-config). AFAIK gtkmm-2.4 is not source compatible with gtkmm-2.2 (at least required libsigc++ differs),
but gtk+-2.4 is source and binary compatible with gtk+-2.2 and gtk+-2.0.
So, there is no problem.

With best regards,
Max Vasin.

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