Re: [gtkmm] [patch] Building under Cygwin

Cedric Gustin <cedric gustin swing be> writes:

> On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 15:27, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> Some folks on the list (and gtk-list, IIRC) were wanting to build on
>> Cygwin.  I've now got to the stage of successfully building natively
>> all the latest stable releases (as of a week ago) glib, atk, pango,
>> gtk/gdk and libglade (and libglademm).  I'll post these to the
>> gtk-list and gtkmm-list in a few days once I've cleaned them up.  I'll
>> also file bugs (or should first port them to the latest stable (GTK+
>> 2.4.0 etc.) releases--will there be another 2.2 release?).
> I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing when you use the
> term 'natively' : did you build glib, atk, pango and gtk using
> cygwin-gcc with or without the -mno-cygwin compiler option ? Compiling
> natively usually means 'that uses the msvcrt DLL' (with either the
> mingw32-gcc, or cygwin-gcc with the -mno-cygwin option), as opposed to
> the cygwin POSIX layer (the cygwin.dll). 

Sorry for the confusion.  I meant "native to cygwin".  i.e. I'm /not/
using -mno-cygwin, and I'm getting libraries built against the cygwin
DLL.  These are installed as -> /bin/cygfoo.dll.

> And if you built against the cygwin DLL (POSIX layer), do you have a
> working version of gtk+ for both the x11 and win32 backends (as returned
> by 'pkg-config --variable=target gtk+-2.0') ?

Currently just the win32 backend.  I will build an X11 version in due

> The situation is actually quite complex here. You can build gtk+ (hence
> gtkmm) 
> 1. with mingw32-gcc : you get the native win32 port (as provided by Tor
> Lillqvist or in the dropline installer) that uses the MSVCRT dll. My
> gtkmm binaries are a native win32 port of gtkmm 
> 2. with cygwin-gcc using the -mno-cygwin option : you also get a native
> win32 port, which should be compatible with mingw32-gcc. I tested this
> configuration this week with the recently released gtk+-2.4.0 and the
> latest CVS gtkmm, and it works fine (passing the --host=i386-pc-mingw32
> option to configure)
> 3. with cygwin-gcc without the -mno-cygwin option (or explicitly with
> -mcygwin): You get binaries that use the cygwin POSIX layer (the cygwin
> dll). You have the choice of 2 backends
> 	a. The x11 backend (the --with-gdktarget=x11 configure option for gtk+)
> 	b. The win32 backend (--with-gdktarget=win32)
> Currently, gtkmm (2.2 and 2.3) builds fine (out of the box) in the 1 and
> 2 cases. Could you please confirm that you're interested in case 3 ? 

Yes, though I may try (2) in the future if it has any benefits for me.


Roger Leigh

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