Re: [gtkmm] saving settings in win32

Saving settings in Linux is easy with gconfmm, but how to accomplisch
this in a win32 environment? Is there a way to use gconf in win32? (
wouldn't be very useful imo ) or should i use the registry or even use
flat textfiles? I think there are some people on this list who have
experience with gtkmm/win32 and i'm curious how you usually do this.

gconf(-mm) is a gnome library. If you want cross-platform portability, you should stick to gtk+ (gtkmm) libraries only (+libglade). Personally, I have used the standard win32 registry access functions to save my settings on win32 (with #ifdefs). It might be interesting to write your own (simple) registry class that wraps a small subset of both gconf and the win32 registry API.

In my project GSpeakers I use a custom settings class that writes plain text configuration files. It was originally borrowed from ickle (an icq client using gtkmm) but my version is slightly modified. This class is in GSpeakers cvs (on sourceforge).

However, if you or someone else decide to implement a cross platform gconf/win32-registry wrapper, please let the list know since I am sure some people would like to have something like that.

Daniel Sundberg

sumpan sumpan com

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