Re: [gtkmm] saving settings in win32

At 05:07 PM 5/31/2004, B.Hakvoort wrote:

I don't think this is the perfect list for my question, but since i
don't know where to go i'll just give it a try..

Saving settings in Linux is easy with gconfmm, but how to accomplisch
this in a win32 environment? Is there a way to use gconf in win32? (
wouldn't be very useful imo ) or should i use the registry or even use
flat textfiles? I think there are some people on this list who have
experience with gtkmm/win32 and i'm curious how you usually do this.

gconf(-mm) is a gnome library. If you want cross-platform portability, you should stick to gtk+ (gtkmm) libraries only (+libglade). Personally, I have used the standard win32 registry access functions to save my settings on win32 (with #ifdefs). It might be interesting to write your own (simple) registry class that wraps a small subset of both gconf and the win32 registry API.


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