[gtkmm] Minimalistic FileChooserWidget?

Hey all,
I am trying to make a program which is based around a single VBox, with
a filechooserwidget in the left box (for the user to select the desired
directory), and a Listview in the right box (to display all the mp3s in
that directory).

However, I am compiling on Gnome 2.6, and when I use FileChooserWidget I
not only get the list of files, I get the shortcut menu, Add and Remove
buttons, and other stuff I dont need.

Can I get rid of this?

Or, perhaps you could direct me to a way of using a Treeview in the left
box, which displays the filesystem structure from the root node (I have
no idea how to do this, since the STL has no directory scanning functions).


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