[gtkmm] PangoStyle problem

Hi everybody,

here is my problem:
i'm using gtkmm-2.0 and i have a

Gnome::Canvas::Text *name;

inside OGClasse class. I'd like to change it's style, for doing that i have this function:

void OGClasse::setItalic(bool res)
	PangoStyle s;
	if(res) s = PANGO_STYLE_ITALIC;
	name->property_style_set() = true;
	name->property_style() = s;

The compiler gives no errors, but during runtime i receive this message

(guml:2779): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: unable to set property `style' of type 
`PangoStyle' from value of type `glibmm__CustomBoxed_10PangoStyle'.

I don't understand what's the problem. Perhaps am i missing some include file?
I tried to include <pango/pango-font.h> but nothing changed.

Thx 4 your answers,

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