[gtkmm] Gtk::CellRenderer for text with optional icon


in case you've missed it in my Advogato diary, I'm crossposting it here:


While working on making Guikachu[http://advogato.org/proj/Guikachu/] look more professional by using the features Gtk::TreeView has to offer, I encountered a problem with packing icons and texts inside a column: as you can see here[http://cactus.rulez.org/files/treeview-align.png], due to the way TreeViewColumn works, the same width is allocated for every icon. This looks very bad, especially for trees where only leaf items have icons. So I coded up CellRendererIconText[http://cactus.rulez.org/projects/gnome/cellrenderer-icontext/], and made it general enough that it could be used by other projects. This screenshot[http://cactus.rulez.org/projects/guikachu/guikachu-gnome2-ui.png] shows (on the right-hand side) the new cell renderer in action. The expander-less indentation is done by another custom cell renderer, but I haven't cleared up that one enough to publish yet."

Long story short, the code is here:

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