Re: [gtkmm] gtkmm 2.4 installation guide?

Eric Lussier wrote:

> Hi everyone,

> I have been trying to upgrade to gtkmm 2.4.1 and my X system will no
longer work. My OS is Red Hat 9.0, running gnome-desktop
Fortunately, i made a backup before and i had to perform a couple of
restores. Here is what i installed, in order, after my backup and before
it crashed:
> glibmm-2.4.1
> atk-1.6.0
> pango-1.4.0
> gtk+-2.4.1
> gtkmm-2.4.1
> libglade-2.4.0
> libglademm-2.4.1
> This is what i had prior to that:
> glib-2.4.1
> glibmm-2.2.11
> atk-1.4.1
> pango-1.2.5
> gtk+-2.2.4
> gtkmm-2.2.11
> libglade-2.0.1
> libglademm-2.2.0
> Is there something i am doing wrong? Is there a step by step (from
scratch) procedure to install gtkmm 2.4 and ALL it's dependencies(gnome,
gtk+, etc...) with version numbers? And if there is, where is it?
Yes, you do it in wrong way. First your Gnome 2.4 need GTK+ 2.2 not GTK+
2.4. period. So in easy way, you can upgrade your Redhat to FC2. FC2 has
Gnome 2.6 inside. So you can just install libsigc++, glibmm, and gtkmm in
newest version. If you don't want to change your os, you can use older
version of gtkmm.

If you want to use the newest version of gtkmm and still keeping Redhat in
your computer box, you have to install gtkmm and its dependencies from
sources not rpm. Rpm is hell.

Install it to another prefix, lets say /opt. Then you have to edit Make PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to your new pc files of gtkmm.
Ask us again if you have difficulties.

> I beleive that a complete installation procedure, from scratch and with
dependencies, should be  included on the gtkmm web site. If we want
gtkmm to gain in popularity, this is definitely an aspect to be
improved. I am about to do what i suspect many have done or will do,
quit gtkmm. I am willing to try one last time but i need your help.
It already included. Don't you read README?????? The README already tell
you how to install gtkmm and its dependencies. Believe me. I do this by
reading README.....

Good luck.

> Thanks.
> Eric Lussier
> Programmer analyst - Montreal



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