[gtkmm] Gdk::Window::set_back_pixmap() doesn't work?

(First, I am very sorry if that issue was already subject on this list. I have tried my best to search through archives but search engine on
http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtkmm-list/ seems not to work)

  I'm trying to write my own SDL widget and I am aware of exposure-problem which occures (background of the widget redraws itself on SDL surface - for reference you can take a look here: http://twomix.devolution.com/pipermail/sdl/2003-December/058443.html). 
Function Gdk::Window::set_back_pixmap() should prevent widget background from redrawing itself after SDL surface but it doesn't seem to work.
quote from documentation:
void Gdk::Window::set_back_pixmap(const Glib::RefPtr<Pixmap>& pixmap, bool parent_relative)
May also be used to set a background of "None" on window , by setting a background pixmap of 0. 
A background pixmap of 0 means that the window will have no background. A window with no background will never have its background filled by the windowing system, instead the window will contain whatever pixels were already in the corresponding area of the display.
It is not possible however to pass 0 (or NULL) to that method because it expects reference (it seems this doc is copied from gtk+ documentation verbatim). I've tried to put such a code:
gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(get_window()->gobj(), NULL, FALSE);
but it seems not to do anything.

Any help will be appriciated,
Best Regards,
  Radoslaw Grzanka

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