Re: [gtkmm] cannot find gtkmm.h

Paul Rivera wrote:

I did this as root.  How do I fix this?  I don't think I can use older versions since gtkmm-2.4.4 needs pango version 1.4.0 or greater.  I downloaded pango-1.4.0 from

This is somewhat OT, but a good advice is to never do stuff like that as root. Personally I always put my "home-built" packages in /home/palm/opt. Then, a simple rm -r can sort out any mess I get myself into without risking having to reinstall my system. Of course, you need to learn about PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, configure --prefix, etc, if you don't know them already, but that's probably a very well spent investment.

Christer Palm

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