[gtkmm] Gtk::Image and Eventbox


I'm new here, so don't be too hard.

I've been using gtkmm for a while, but run across a problem.

I have a window containing a Gtk::Image which is set with a Gdk::Image /

I need to recieve events on this, so I proceeded to put it in an

The problem arises when I try to connect a signal up to it.

With no signal (i.e. the eventbox is doing nothing), it is fine and the
image displays properly.  But when a signal is connected up, the Image /
eventbox is displayed as grey.

I've check this on the archives and Google, and the nearest I come was a
posting saying that the background color of the eventbox can be changed,
but nothing else relavent.

So, my question after all this rambling is, can I get my Image to
display with signals, or do I have to go look for another way to do


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