[gtkmm] API documentation: aiming for 100%

I added quite a lot of API documentation to the TreeView and TextView
classes and associated classes, in gtkmm 2.4. For instance:

I think that 100% API documentation should be possible, and it's an easy way
to help.

Undocumented class methods are probably undocumented because
- They are hand-coded because they use a different parameter order compared
to the underlying C function. In this case you should look at the C docs and
modify it accordingly. Look at the generated html of the C docs because not
everything is in the .c files:
- They are _MEMBER_GET() or _MEMBER_SET() accessors for struct fields. These
needs little "Get the something" descriptions if there is nothing else to

All classes should also have documentation for the class itself. Again, you
can usually rephrase the C documentation for these.

If you run "make doxygen-warnings" in gtkmm/docs/reference/, it will
generate a text file with warnings about undocumented methods and classes.
I'm not sure how complete that will be, but it's a start.

I think we can reach 100%. That would be good.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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