Re: [gtkmm] radiobutton under winxp

Many thanks, Cederic!

The problem was indeed the gtk+ runtime environment!
Getting the GTK-Wimp 0.5.2 solved the problem.
For me the installation was:
Copying the gtkrc in...\GTK\2.0\share\themes\Default\gtk-2.0-key
(maybe renaming the old one)
coping the new libwimp.dll in ...\GTK\2.0\lib\gtk-2.0\2.2.0\engines
(again maybe renaming the old one).
Sorry, i do not know how to post this as an archive!


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At 08:55 PM 1/4/2004, Cedric Gustin wrote:
>At 05:07 PM 1/1/2004, Stefan Andreßen wrote:
>>I compiled the radiobutton example from the gtkmm-book, and when a
>>radiobutton is selected, it simply doesn't fill the circle (for winxp
>>with a green dot).
>>Is there a workaround?
>>I am using gtkmm with g++ 3.2 and Dev-Cpp.
>This problem already came up a few weeks ago, either on the mailing list
>or in a private mail, I don't remember. I think the problem was related to
>dev-cpp. Try to upgrade to the latest version using the nice dev-cpp
>updater included in the distribution. Then recompile.You might also want
>to upgrade the gtk-wimp theme if you use the GTK+ runtime from dropline

Actually, it was on the pygtk mailing list.

See this thread


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