Re: [gtkmm] Gtkmm and Gtk in the same application ??

Paul Davis wrote:
I want to make a plugin fo XMMS. AFAIK XMMS is written with Gtk. Is it possible to write a GUI for this plugin (it runs in the same process as XMMS) with Gtkmm? Is this possible, or should I forget my idea?

of course. many of us who use gtkmm have to occasionally drop down to
GTK/GDK to do one of the small things that gtkmm doesn't wrap.
gtkmm is a *wrapper*, its not a replacement for GTK.

Well... I have written small programms in gtkmm where I also used gtk...
But I have tried the other way round, and that was a problem:
XMMS' Gui is written in Gtk, and a plugin is simply a shared object file. To use normal Gtk+ widgets in my plugin is no problem. But when creating Gtkmm Widgets (I tried to make a window), XMMS crashes with a segfault (I think because Gtkmm is not initialized). The problem is, that I cannot initialize Gtkmm, because Gtk is already running in it's main loop (initializing Gtkmm produces errors), or is there a way to initialize gtkmm when Gtk+ is already running in its main loop? Should I drop down to Gtk+ or is there a way to manage these problems?

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