Re: Signal handlers - please help to understand

Murray Cumming wrote:


He seems to be asking about what happens when he emits his own custom
sigc::signal. sigc::signals don't use g_signal_emit(), or any part of

However, I have no idea what question is actually being asked here. Maybe
he is confused because "SIGIO" looks a bit like "signal", but he seems to
have written the code himself.

In manuals about system signals (SIGALRM, SIGIO...,SIGRTMIN...) is said that signal handlers for them should not execute any usefull code, they are intended to set some flag
only. It's a recommended way to use them.
So I'm trying to solve this problem (because I need a lot to do when those system signals arrive) by using sigc::signals to deliver received data for example. It seems to work but I'm not shure that I'm going in a proper way so this is why I ask about it all here because
I don't quite understand how those (late) slots are working.
   Thanks for answering,
      Igor Gorbounov

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