Signal handlers - please help to understand

I need a help in understanding this thing: what is actually done when somewhere
in a program some signal is emitted? Where are data originated from? Does
it all behave as a calling procedure and is stack used here? Well, here is a
situation: some data come into commport, my app receives a SIGIO signal and
emits a custom signal (from a sigc++ library), that delivers the receved data to other parts of a program. So what is going here - is this SIGIO signal handler participating in further data propagation or it looks like this handler just raised
some flag and exited? Is there any "halvanic" connection between the SIGIO
handler and the parts of program, that use those data? Where do those data belong?
Or, what is their scope?
Sorry if this question appeared to be somewhat offtopic...
   Igor Gorbounov

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